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Thermal insulation and facade picturesque elements of expanded polystyrene – “TEPLOFASAD”

JV «PANELPLAST” offers a more economical and reliable way to create a façade .  Façade  reflects the best of the house, façade  elements made of polystyrene will make the impression of this house a memorable one. 

Previously, most of the facade picturesque elements for buildings were developed using such heavy elements as concrete, stone and plaster.  Recently, in Uzbekistan the polystyrene manufacturing technology is widely used in production of cornices, columns, architraves, slopes, decorative panels and other architectural decoration.  Today, the façade decoration with polystyrene picturesque elements could be limited only by imagination of a customer and a designer.  Polystyrene weather-strips and splays are ideal for framing arches, window and door openings.  Framed with picturesque elements, the windows get a finished look and contribute to a bright look of the facade .  Cornices, keystones, columns, balustrades and bossage will be good supplements and create an elegant look of the building.  The surface of polystyrene facade  elements is covered with special protective composition, which does not make the products heavier, and this, together with mounting simplicity makes them the most convenient design element for builders compared to traditional materials.  As for plaster stuccowork, it has some significant drawbacks – fragility, short life, non-resistant to atmospheric precipitation, plus complexity of mounting, additional supporting framework and significant human factor.  The stone decor is durable, but the building becomes "expensive" and the elements are heavy and inconvenient in work.  Today, use of polystyrene for facade  facing reduces the cost of construction significantly and at the same time saves time for installation. 

Simplicity of decoration process provides many opportunities to architects to create fancy exclusive facades. 

Picturesque elements made of expanded polystyrene will transform the existing buildings into modern and stylish houses, adding some "flavor" to their look. 

Technical Details:

  • Basic material of the product is expanded polystyrene.  Mixture used to cover the product surface is based on acrylic. 
  • Coating provides UV protection
  • Products provide thermal insulation, sound-and waterproofing
  • Products help reduce heating costs by 60%
  • Products are 2 meters long, strong and flexible.  They can be mounted to any type of new or old buildings. 
  • Mounting of these products is a simple, fast and clean process
  • Products are resistant to earthquakes and other natural disasters.  There are no restrictions in choice of design and style
  • Products are environmentally friendly and not harmful for human health
  • They are more cost efficient than other similar materials
  • Products are waterproof and keep their properties under any weather conditions
  • Picturesque elements are elegant and perfect
  • No limit of color choice when painting

A special element - insulation and decorative panels, covering the entire facade  of the building will provide warmth and comfort, noise and waterproofing, apart from the aesthetic appearance. 



1. Decor elements are cut from blocks of expanded polystyrene with a high-speed computerized machine using method of contour cutting. 
2. Broaching machine automatically applies a portion of elastic putty - a thick, homogeneous, medium-grained with some quartz impregnations mineral composition based on acrylic - on top of the basis of architectural product. Elastic putty is designed for application on the surface of polystyrene foam products without reinforcing mesh.  The properties of this composition allow using it for other materials as well.  Elastic putty has good adhesion to expanded polystyrene, lightweight and perfect deformation resistance. 



3. Due to variable speed technique, coatings are perfect with clean and sharp details, straight lines and facets.  High strength and excellent elasticity of the material preclude cracking, chipping and crumbling.  The coating is applied as a single layer; drying is completed in 24 hours at a temperature of +20°C
4. Elements are completely prefabricated and ready for mounting on the building façade.  Mounting of picturesque elements is made by attaching a ready product using special adhesive composition to the wall of the building facade and fixed it with facade dowels. 

5. After mounting is completed, the picturesque elements are ready for use.  The elements are well painted with masonry paint, which allows you to create any color scheme.  The coating texture, imitating a stone surface, provides the facade with some charm.