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Blocks of expand polystyrene – expanded foam plastic


Expanded Polystyrene EPS is an environmentally friendly, non-toxic, self-extinguishing material.  In its structure, Styrene is a harmless for humans and the environment material.  Use of Styrene is permitted all over the world not only in construction, but also in manufacture of food containers.  Expanded polystyrene has a porous structure with tight closed pores that does not allow air to move inside the material. 

It has unique thermal insulation properties: they are 2 times higher than those of dry layer of mineral wool, 4 times higher than those of wood, and10 times higher than those of aerated concrete are, and 17 times higher than those of brick.  The buildings of station in
Antarctica are built of this material.  



  • High strength material
  • Long-lived
  • Stable structure at any temperature (from - 180 to + 80 C°)
  • Moisture resistant (even if it soaked in water for long time, its absorbability limit is no more than 1 %)
  • Resistant to rot, mildew, fungi, bacteria, atmospheric agents, effects of various substances
  • High fire-resistance (self-extinguishing - time of independent burning no more than 4 seconds)
  • High soundproofing
  • It is very lightweight


 Thermal Properties

Expanded Polystyrene has a very low thermal conductivity, which is partly due to air trapped in the numerous highly dense pores.  With increasing density of polystyrene, the radiation is reduced in the process of heat transfer, whereas the contribution of conduction through the polymer matrix increases.  


Temperature Characteristics

The lower temperature limit of application of polystyrene rigid foam plastic in the construction is actually nonexistent.  When working under the higher temperatures the value of maximum allowable temperature depends on the duration of the temperature effects and of mechanical load on the rigid foam plastic. 


In case of short-term effects (adhesion with hot bitumen), the rigid foam plastic can withstand higher temperatures.  


Biological Properties

Polystyrene rigid foam plastics are not a nutrient medium for mold and bacteria.  It is indecomposable and water-insoluble; it cannot evolve any water-soluble substances that could contaminate groundwater. 

Polystyrene rigid foam plastics are manufactured for several decades.  For the past period, no harmful effects for human health were observed.