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Aplication of sandwich panels

Currently, the Sandwich Panels are the most popular material, the absence of which is impossible to imagine in construction of industrial buildings, warehouses, halls, cafes, bars, offices and houses.  Metal cladding panels with polystyrene insulation for the exterior walls and coverings used in the operated and non-corrosive media at temperatures slightly aggressive to the exterior surface of the panel from -40 ° to +75 ° C, the temperature inside the panel surface is up to plus 30 ° C; relative humidity of indoor air in buildings does not exceed 60%.  

Multiple Applications of Sandwich-Panels:


  • Refrigerators and freezers;
  • Enterprises of food industry, trade and catering;
  • Multipurpose agricultural facilities;
  • Production facilities of industrial enterprises, including auxiliary and service premises;
  • Office buildings;
  • Warehouses, terminals and ports;
  • Hotels;
  • Department stores;
  • Post offices;
  • Public service enterprises;
  • Cultural and entertainment facilities, sports facilities;
  • Heat insulation of existing buildings;
  • Walling


The high degree of prefabrication of Sandwich Panels allows their using in construction of new facilities and reconstruction of the existing buildings, thus significantly reducing the cost of erection works and the time of construction. 

Low cost of panels is another important advantage.  Houses, built of Sandwich Panels, are not a rarity anymore; this reliable and efficient technology has won her fans and supporters.  Sandwich Panels option could be good for those who could not afford building a huge luxurious mansion.

Recently, building of small and inexpensive one-story houses became highly popular. 

House made of Sandwich Panels is very light, its construction allows you saving on the foundation.  Assembling of a house and a roof will not take longer than a few days, and then you can start the external and internal refinement.  That is all the work!  Once the house is built, the roof is settled, the doors and windows are in place and the refinement is completed - the house is ready for occupation.  

Buildings made of Sandwich Panels are noted with optimal hygienic conditions and modern aesthetic appearance.  In order to build a country house, you can choose Sandwich Panels with special framing elements that will make the appearance of the building finished and elegant.