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Sandwich panel structure

Sandwich Panel is a three-layer construction with cladding of painted (or galvanized) steel sheet and the middle insulation layer made of expanded polystyrene or mineral wool. 

Cladding Material:

Roof sheeting profiles of galvanized steel or painted in different colors available by RAL catalogue. 

The company “PANELPLAST” uses a high quality hot dip galvanized cold-rolled steel produced by foreign manufactures to produce Sandwich Panels.  

Metal Cladding 


1. Polymer coating (Polyester, Puranas and so on)

2. Primer

3. Dead layer

4. Zinc coat (275 g/m2)

5. Steel sheet 0.3-0.7 mm

6. Protective varnish


Panels’ claddings are glued together with an insulator with a high-quality polyurethane adhesive. 


Slabs of expanded polystyrene with density of 9 to 25 kg/m
З and thickness of 50 to 250 mm or basalt-based mineral wool with a transversely oriented arrangement of fibers. 

The foam concrete block with a size of 6000 x 1200 x 600 mm, cut with special equipment throughout the thickness ranging from 20 to 600 mm is a semi-manufactured product for EPS slab.