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About sandwich type panels


Sandwich type panel is a construction material with unique properties.  Due to its design, Sandwich Panels have a relatively high margin of safety; it is a light material, so the cost of transporting, handling and erection is significantly reduced. 

Buildings and structures made of Sandwich Panels are manufactured at the plant, the only thing you need is to deliver these panels to the site;
the erection is as easy as assembling of tinker toys.  Therefore, the construction process using Sandwich Panels occurs significantly faster than using traditional building materials.  



If necessary, the building made of Sandwich Panels can be easily disassembled and erected again in any other place.  Perfectly flat surface, which have all the Sandwich Panels, does not require additional processing (plastering or filling-up).  In addition, there are already painted Sandwich Panels available, which significantly reduce the cost of the decoration of the building. 

Sandwich Panels are not only cost effective in construction, but also have the excellent consumer properties.


Buildings made according to this technology have a low moisture absorption, good thermal- and sound insulation properties.  Sandwich Panels are made of the environmentally friendly material, which is confirmed by numerous studies both in Uzbekistan and abroad.  



Wall Sandwich Panels are used for construction of industrial and commercial buildings and facilities. 

Dimensions of one Sandwich Panel, mm: 
- Thickness: 50 to 250;

- Width: 980; erected: 950;

- Length: 500 to 12 000

The non-standard thicknesses are possible (110 mm).


Roof Sandwich Panels are used for roofing roofs of industrial and commercial buildings and facilities.  The roof made of Sandwich Panels keeps high resistance to fretting, interaction with acidic environments and UV radiation.