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About the company

 The “PANELPLAST” company - is a rapidly growing and economically strong enterprise under the guidance of a concerted professional team focused on meeting the clients’ needs in various industries: construction, energetics, community services and others. 

Our Advantages:

Professionalism.  The management and staff of the company is a highly qualified team of specialists presenting its product in the market of Sandwich Panels for more than three years. 

Product Quality.  The “PANELPLAST” Sandwich Panels are manufactured using the up-to-date equipment and the raw material of the highest quality supplied by the leading Russian and world manufacturers. 

Fast -Response.  Fast-response execution of the orders is conditioned by high productivity of our company. 

High Quality Service. We provide an individual approach to each client: the company professionals advise you thoroughly on all matters of our products and help to choose the right order. 

Service Package.  The “PANELPLAST” offers a complete service package.  We not just produce the desired amount of the product, but also complete with shaped elements, fixing system, provide consultancy on the design and assembling, organize a specialized delivery to the construction site and perform an on-site erection of Sandwich Panels. 

Sandwich Panels Production  

JV “PANELPLAST” is located on its own territory that occupies of more than 1000 m2 in Sergeli - the industrial district of Tashkent city. 

New generation production line was installed to produce three-layer Sandwich Panels, which allows producing up to 3 000 square meters of the product per one uninterrupted working shift.  

Due to continuance of manufacturing process, the output of JV “PANELPLAST” is distinguished by a high-level quality.  The company’s advanced equipment allows completing the customer’s order with custom tailored shaped elements.  

 JV “PANELPLAST” manufactures Sandwich Panels of the following technical parameters: width - up to 980 mm, length - 500 to 12 000 mm and thickness - 50 to 250 mm

Production Advantage of JV “PANELPLAST”:

  • New generation equipment;
  • High production rate;
  • Producing capacities for two types of Sandwich Panels: Wall and Roof Panels;
  • Ability to customize the orders

JV “PANELPLAST” Sandwich Panels

The “PANELPLAST” company produces two types of Sandwich Panels: Wall and Roof Panels.  

Specifications for the construction determine the choice of insulation.  Today the company offers panels with fire-resistant heat insulating cores made of expanded polystyrene (Penopolystirol). 
The JV “PANELPLAST” Sandwich Panels have excellent thermal-and-sound insulation, as well as other important properties such as fire-resistance, mechanical stability, weather resistance, durability and appearance.  The lightweight of these constructions allows significant reduce of transportation and erection costs. 

JV “PANELPLAST” uses only high quality raw materials of well-known brands.

 The three-layer Sandwich Panels of JV “PANELPLAST” are widely used in the construction of various multifunctional facilities, such as industrial and commercial buildings, sporting facilities, car service centers, car wash bays, warehouses, docks and terminals. 

Why are we trusted?

  • JV “PANELPLAST” has a comprehensive knowledge of the market to win the competition.  Though the Wall and Roof Sandwich Panels of our company meet the highest standards of quality, they are sold at reasonable prices. 
  • We are trusted because sale of Wall and Roof Sandwich Panels is combined with high-quality service and comprehensive customer service.  We use a custom-tailored approach. 
  • The supply of our Wall and Roof Sandwich Panels is known with its high efficiency.  All manufacturing processes, as well as sale and delivery are executed within the shortest possible time.  


For further information on the products’ range, prices and terms of delivery, you can always turn to our managers, whose telephone numbers are listed on our site. 

We do not just offer you buying Wall and Roof Sandwich Panels in Tashkent,
we offer mutually beneficial relationships! 

We look forward to a long-term cooperation with you!